The Danone Institute North America is a separately incorporated, 501c3 non-profit foundation dedicated to non-commercial activities. Launched in 1997, the Danone Institute North America fosters transdisciplinary, community-based work to promote sustainable foods systems in the US and Canada. The Danone Institute North America is one of several Danone Institutes created worldwide by Danone, the ultimate parent company of Danone North America Public Benefit Corporation.

The Board of Directors is made up of both independent experts in nutrition science and business leaders of Danone North America Public Benefit Corporation. The nutrition scientists establish program direction, determine recipients of funding and are closely involved in all Danone Institute North America programs. Danone North America managers offer communication support, program development and management expertise.

For information about Danone North America or its products, go to www.danonenorthamerica.com.



Leslie Lytle, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Health Behavior and Nutrition
University of North Carolina
Gillings School of Global Public Health


Kelly A. Tappenden, PhD, RD
Professor and Head of the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition
University of Illinois at Chicago

Secretary (non-voting)

Kristie Leigh, RDN
Director, Health & Scientific Affairs
Danone North America

General Representative

Miguel Freitas, PhD
Vice President, Health and Scientific Affairs
Danone North America

Board Members

Timothy Griffin, MS, PhD
Teri and Barry Volpert Family Professor in Nutrition, Agriculture, and
Sustainable Food Systems
Tufts University

Wendy Slusser, MD, MS
Associate Vice Provost, Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA
HS Clinical Professor of Pediatrics,
Schools of Medicine and Public Health at UCLA

Melanie Chow
Vice President, Mission and Sustainability
Danone North America

Isabelle Rayle-Doiron
General Secretary & General Counsel
Danone Canada

Ryan Smith
Senior Manager, Regenerative Agriculture
Impact and Partnerships
Danone North America