Q: Please clarify the role of the academic partner for the initiative.

A: Each team must include a full-time or adjunct faculty member from an academic institution. The role of the academic team member may include helping with project evaluation as well as with conducting surveys, collecting process data or helping with study design. In addition, a faculty member may provide content or technical expertise for the project. The faculty member must be an active team member.


Q: Can award money be used to support faculty salary?

A:  No, funding cannot be used to support faculty salary, but it can be used to support other salaries such as graduate students, data collectors, and to provide stipends for others working on the project.  

Q: Can funds be used to support indirect costs?

A: No, indirect costs such as university overheads may not be covered with the USD 50,000.


Q: When is the next application period?

A: We anticipate awarding grants every two years. Information will be posted on the website in the spring of the application year.